LOGIQ S7 XDclear 2.0 – in radiology

Diagnostic challenge

In radiological sonography, the large variety of varied diagnostic investigations is particularly challenging for instrument-based equipment.

The solution from GE Healthcare

The LOGIQ S7 XDclear 2.0 has been significantly improved through enhancements such as dynamic adaptive echo processing (Agile Acoustic Architecture) and increases to the operating speed of the processor and the optical quality of the display technology – resulting in amazing versatility and excellent image quality in many applications in radiology.

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Logiq S7_XDclear GE Ultrasound – General imaging, abdomen being examined with ultrasound
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Excellent performance

  • S-agile architecture – Adjusts the echo processing to the respective acoustic profile of the patient. This innovative function enables image capturing in consistently outstanding quality with a minimum of operation effort.
  • Extended probe selection – Choose from a wide range of E series and XDclear probes to carry out a series of different examinations without changing the probe.
  • Image optimization functions – Automated functions for increasing the image quality, for example adjusting the contrast and gray scale to the echogenicity of the tissue examined. Advantage: a clear differentiation between different tissue types.

Intelligent assistance

  • Compare Assistant – Simultaneous side-by-side display of the current live cross section along with a previously obtained patient cross section – ideal for follow-up and therapy monitoring.
  • GE raw data – Access to uncompressed and unaltered raw echo signals enables unsuitable settings to be corrected even after saving (“freezing”) and archiving the images; an important innovation for saving time.
  • High-resolution wide-screen display – The freely movable 23” LCD monitor with LED backlit display mounted on an articulated arm delivers high-contrast images and enables users to arrange images and data flexibly according to their needs.
  • 10.1” touch screen – A large, modern touch panel for clarity and simple, intuitive operation. Programmable “Smart keys” and operating elements with function-dependent backlighting further simplify the handling and speed up processes.
  • Easy-to-clean design – Thanks to its virtually seamless surface, the system is easy to clean.
  • Mobility – With its small size and light weight, the system can be easily maneuvered through crowded examination rooms. The power assistant (battery backup), wireless connectivity, and Bluetooth printing add to the mobility and make the system immediately ready for operation even after being relocated.
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Special functions

Choose from a wide range of special modes and functions as per your individual diagnostic spectrum, for example 3D volume ultrasound or elastography. The new and advanced functions include:

  • Contrast Enhanced Imaging (CEUS) – Thanks to additional probes for high-resolution imaging, CEUS gives a highly accurate image of the tissue perfusion and vascularization of soft tissue, particularly in the case of suspect lesions.
  • Images via smartphone – Increase in patient satisfaction and improvement in communication with referring physicians and colleagues with the option of sending non-diagnostic images to smartphones via email.

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