Vscan Extend

The Vscan Extend is the newest member of the latest generation of our mobile ultrasound devices. It comes with a large touch screen and a dual probe. With Vscan Extend you always have an ultrasound system at hand at every critical moment.

The mobile ultrasound system Vscan Extend helps you to quickly assess the situation on site. This allows you to make clinical decisions directly on the spot and shorten treatment times.

The Vscan Extend with its dual probe  provides exceptional clinical flexibility through a new intuitive touch screen user interface and seamless integration with wireless networks and DICOM®- supported hospital documentation and reporting systems.

Vscan Extend can expand its functionality with the installation of apps by connecting online to the GE Marketplace. For example, you can download measurement programs and protocols to customize your Vscan Extend for your individual requirements.

Let Vscan Extend help you make fast decisions, increase confidence and build patient confidence - so you can act quickly in critical situations.

Vscan Extend Mobile Ultrasound Device

Vscan Extend at the Point of Care

The Vscan Extend mobile ultrasound device with dual probe provides exceptional clinical flexibility. You always have your ultrasound device at hand.

Easy and convenient to use

The Vscan Extend is a portable ultrasound system that has been designed to match the needs of medical examinations at the point of care.1

  • One-hand usage - the use of your Vscan Extend is similar to a smartphone - just tap and swipe the display screen.
  • Vscan Extend Apps - automated signature protocols make it easy to determine the bladder volume or create lung protocols.
  • Easy to clean - the probe, cable and system form a single unit for easy cleaning.

Rapid diagnostics

The Vscan Extend was developed for rapid ultrasound diagnostics - to capture the status of trauma patients directly at the point of care.1

  • Dual probe - the linear and sector transducers live in a single housing. Both probes are available to you at all time - without having to change the transducer.
  • Fast booting - the system starts in less than 10 seconds from standby mode.
  • Fast connection - wireless image data storage and easy image export to support your workflow.

High quality results

Mobile ultrasound with Vscan Extend provides you with high quality images and immediate connectivity.

  • Proven image quality - Vscan Extend is the latest generation of the proven Vscan™ ultrasound series and comes with a large screen for improved image quality.
  • Support for everyday hospital life - Vscan Extend fosters ultrasound examinations directly at the patient's bedside.
  • Immediate connectivity - view patient images directly at the bedside or send patient data wirelessly in DICOM® format to the hospital's internal PACS.2

1 The device has been tested for limited use outside of health care facilities, including transportation. Use is restricted to the environmental conditions described in the user instructions. Please contact your GE Healthcare representative for more information.
2 For systems with WLAN configurations. Contact your GE Healthcare representative for more information. Vscan and Vscan Extend are trademarks of General Electric Company. DICOM is a registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Vscan Extend - Extended diagnostic capabilities

For high speed examinations at the crucial moment

A strong connection

Vscan Extend enables immediate integration into hospital wireless networks and DICOM systems for easy documentation and reporting.

  • Connect ultrasound images to the patient ID of the DICOM modality worklist and send them wirelessly to the hospital's internal PACS.3,4
  • Consult with other doctors and get a second opinion by sharing images over the cloud-based Tricefy™ 1,2 medical imaging cloud.
  • Export images in generic form and share them in network folders.

Simplified workflows

Download apps online from GE Marketplace4 to extend the diagnostic capabilities of the Vscan Extend according to your medical application.

  • The Vscan Extend is connected to the GE Marketplace, where app updates and software plug-ins are available for download.
  • Special apps are available for lung protocols, for the evaluation of thoracic images as well as for heart failure patients.
  • The Tricefy Uplink app offers an interface for wireless image export to Tricefy.1,2,4

Personalized usage

Generate high-quality ultrasound images directly at the point of care - either at the scene of the accident, in the ambulance or at the bedside.5

  • The touchscreen offers high contrast for monochrome and color images.
  • Thanks to wireless connectivity, patient data and images can be retrieved, stored and shared at the touch of a button.3
  • Vscan Extend is prepared for one-hand usage (ambidextrous) so that your other hand can hold the probe.

1 The Vscan Extend App enables the use of Trice, a cloud-based case exchange solution offered separately by Trice Imaging. Please contact Trice Imaging if you are interested in using it during a trial period. Trice is solely responsible for the Trice Uplink app and the Trice Cloud.
2 Not available in all countries. Please contact Trice Imaging or a GE Healthcare sales representative for availability in your country.
3 Available for systems with DICOM configuration.
4 Available systems with WLAN configuration.
5 The device has been tested for limited use outside healthcare facilities, including transportation. Use is restricted to the environmental conditions described in the instructions for use. Please contact your GE Healthcare representative for more information.

Ultrasound with a mobile ultrasound device in color
Vscan Extend mobile ultrasound
Zoomed view of a Vscan Extend mobile ultrasound machine

Vscan Extend - Clinical Applications

Only GE Healthcare offers a dual probe with a linear and sector transducer - all in one

  • Make a variety of clinical decisions on the spot without having to change the transducer.
  • Use wireless image transfer to make documentation easy.
  • Expand the range of functions with online apps from GE Marketplace.
  • Have your personal ultrasound device - always ready, at any time.

Visualization functions for an advanced workflow

Applications for the sectoral transducer: heart, abdomen, obstetrics, aorta, head

Applications for the linear transducer: lungs, vessels, tissue, eyes

Possible applications of the Vscan Extend dual probe: pericardial puncture, paracentesis, pleural puncture, amniocentesis, central venous catheters, peripheral venous catheters

Possible triage methods with the Vscan Extend dual probe:

  • eFAST (Enhanced Focussed Assessment with Sonography in Trauma; Retroperitoneal fluid)
  • CLUE (Cardiopulmonary Limited Ultrasound Examination; heart and lungs); shortness of breath (heart and lungs)
  • RUSH (Rapid Ultrasound for Shock; inferior vena cava, abdominal aorta, right ventricle, left ventricle)
  • FEER (heart)
  • FEEL (Focussed Ultrasound for Echocardiography and Live Support; heart and lungs)
  • FATE (Focussed Assessed Transthoracic Echo; heart and lungs)
Vscan Extend Phased and Linear descriptions

The Vscan Extend - Apps*

Download apps from GE Marketplace and extend the diagnostic capabilities of Vscan Extend according to your medical applications.

App example: The Bladder Measuring Program of the Vscan Extend
Perform urinary bladder volume calculations with the bladder measurement program of the Vscan Extend.

  • Calculate the bladder volume at any time during an examination.
  • Position measurement points based on real-time images.
  • Change the default view at any time.
  • Measurement is activated during the normal workflow.
  • An algorithm calculates the placement of the measurement points.

App Example: The Lung Protocol of the Vscan Extend
Without special programs, a systematic lung examination can be cumbersome. The lung protocol of the Vscan Extend makes it easier.

  • Your scan settings are automatically applied.
  • You will be guided through a systematic ultrasound examination of the lung.
  • You can flexibly switch between examination steps at any time.
  • Each image acquired during the lung examination is labeled.
  • You can configure lung protocols according to your needs.
  • You can create reports and save them along with the examination data.

* For systems with WLAN configuration.
Vscan Extend Ultrasound moving image with examples

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