Vscan – Handheld ultrasound

The handheld ultrasound devices in the Vscan™ portfolio allow you to provide efficient patient care – directly on site. This allows you to capture high-quality images where you need them – for internal medicine, emergency medicine, urology, cardiology, obstetrics and pediatrics.

Vscan Extend™ is an intuitive and mobile pocket-sized ultrasound device that allows physicians to capture images right at the patient’s bedside – adding more information to the physical examination to achieve optimal patient care.

Vscan Extend

Vscan Extend has a dual probe and is the latest generation of our mobile ultrasound device. It fits in your pocket with its large touch screen and dual probe. With Vscan Extend, you always have an ultrasound system at hand at the decisive moment.

Whatever your area of expertise, Vscan Extend can help you make fast decisions, increase confidence and build patient confidence – so you can act safely in critical situations.

Vscan Extend – Apps

Download apps on the internet from GE Marketplace to extend the diagnostic capabilities of your Vscan Extend according to your specialty.

App example: The Bladder Measuring Program of the Vscan Extend
With the bladder measurement program of the Vscan Extend it is now possible to perform volume calculations.

  • Calculation of the bladder volume at any time during an examination.
  • Position measurement points based on real-time images.
  • Flexible change of the default view at any time.
  • Measurement is activated during the normal workflow.
  • Starting from the largest volume range, an algorithm calculates the placement of the measurement points.

App Example: The Lung Protocol of the Vscan Extend
Without special programs, a systematic lung examination can be cumbersome. The lung protocol of the Vscan Extend makes it easier.

  • Your scan settings are automatically applied.
  • You will be guided through a systematic ultrasound examination of the lung.
  • You can flexibly switch between examination steps at any time.
  • Each image acquired during the lung examination is labeled.
  • You can configure lung protocols according to your needs.
  • You can create reports and save them along with the examination data.

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