Versana Premier Platinum – versatile system

Reliable ultrasound – simple to use.

The Versana Premier™ Platinum ultrasound system can help you quickly and confidently diagnose a broad range of conditions, patient after patient, day after busy day. A wide variety of probes and clinical features let you perform and analyze exams from routine to highly specialized including:

Abdominal    OB/GYN    Cardiac    Urological   Vascular    Musculoskeletal 


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Versana Premier Platinum

Make clinical decisions with confidence with this expert system.

Versana Premier Platinum

The Versana Premier ultrasound system helps you deliver high-quality, personalized care, patient after patient, day after busy day. This innovative system is well suited for general practice clinics, physical check-up centers, community health clinics, and other facilities offering basic medical care. It is versatile to cover abdominal, OB/GYN, cardiac, urology, vascular and musculoskeletal exams.

The system offers a range of features to support you:

  • Height-adjustable console
  • Four active probe ports
  • Large full HD display
  • Touchscreen
  • Articulating monitor arm
  • Gel warmer
Versana Premier Platinum

Versana Premier Platinum – part of the Versana ultrasound family

Our ultrasound solution helps you diagnose a wide spectrum of patient conditions. Reliable, powerful, affordable and versatile.

Sharpen your diagnostic skills and stay ahead of the curve

  • Scan Coach: 3D animation, anatomic illustrations, and reference images
  • My Trainer: on-board help with system care, setup and operation, providing tips and information to help maximize workflow
  • Web-based product and clinical tutorials
  • Online application for personal on-site training and support

Versana Premier Platinum

Versana Premier Platinum: GE Healthcare imaging technology

Versana Premier Platinum delivers outstanding imaging power and clarity to boost diagnostic confidence. It helps you see clearly, differentiate between tissues, and delineate structure boundaries. You’ll enjoy proven functionalities found on most advanced GE Healthcare systems.

CrossXBeam™ and SRI-HD to define structure borders clearly.

CrossXBeam™ and SRI-HD to define structure borders clearly

Improved color Doppler optimized to evaluate cardiac, venous, and arterial conditions.

Improved color Doppler optimized to evaluate cardiac, venous and arterial conditions.

B-Flow™ – flow imaging without Doppler-immanent artifacts.

B flow™ – flow imaging without Doppler-immanent artifacts.

Sensitive color Doppler

Sensitive color Doppler – to examine thyroid vasculature, among other applications.

Versana Club

The Versana Club is a network of Versana system users from all around the world, dedicated to clinical excellence in ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you will benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

Membership and all Club-related benefits are free of charge.

Your personal benefits:

  • Invitations to user congresses
  • Access to a reserved member area (lounge) at congresses
  • Personalized mailings and newsletters
  • Special offers for Club members

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Versana Club

Versana Premier Platinum is a configuration name for Versana Premier.

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