Vivid - Cardiovascular Diagnostics

One heartbeat can change anything. The Vivid™ systems family from GE Healthcare offers powerful solutions for cardiovascular ultrasound diagnostics. From lightweight compact systems to leading 4D technology for your daily work routine, GE Healthcare offers a variety of dedicated systems to meet a wide range of cardiovascular needs and applications.

Vivid E95

The Vivid E95 is a cardiovascular 4D ultrasound system designed to help you reach a new level of efficiency and healthcare.

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Vivid E90

The Vivid E90 is a 2D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you overcome some of today's complex healthcare challenges.

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Vivid iq

Ultrasound in laptop format.
Vivid iq offers a combination of mobility and strength that adapts exactly to your needs.

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Vivid T8

Vivid T8 is a feature-rich system with the wee-established Vivid software, using a range of advanced quantitative tools to improve sonographic imaging in the cardiology field.

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Vivid T9

The Vivid T9 generates extraordinarily good sonography performance in the field of internal medicine and paediatrics through technology migration.

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Vivid S60N

The Vivid S60N is a mobile, robust 2D ultrasound system that potentially helps practitioners to reduce the number of sub-optimal examinations.

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Vivid S70N

The Vivid S70N is a robust mobile ultrasound system with 4D-TEE function, taking cardiovascular ultrasound to a new level.

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