Venue Family – Ultrasound for the critical moment

Venue™ is a specific ultrasound system concept for diverse applications in the point-of-care area. With a battery life of up to 4 hours, the robust premium console ultrasound system can be used in many acute situations.

The Venue ultrasound system comes with an innovative shock toolkit. This toolkit offers automated tools such as Auto IVC, Auto VTI and Auto B-Lines to support you in quickly obtaining the information you need to make the right therapy decisions for shock patients.

Venue – Developed for emergency physicians

The Venue is particularly designed for the emergency room and the intensive care unit. Shock in its many forms is one of the most frequent causes of death worldwide.Ultrasound can help to identify the cause of the shock. However, the guidelines are complex, requiring many manual steps. Venue, a new ultrasound system from GE Healthcare, simplifies these steps. The treatment of shock patients poses particular economic and clinical challenges.2,3 GE Healthcare meets these challenges with the new Venue ultrasound concept in order to set a new standard at the point of care.

  • Seamless display. For easy cleaning.
  • You can focus on the patient. Easy and intuitive to use.
  • ECG and TEE functional.
  • Backed by a multi-year warranty. Support you can rely on.
  • Chassis with large wheels and small footprint. Designed for robust use in the emergency room. Simply push the Venue where you need it.
  • Handy key probe. Control the system with freely programmable keys on the probe handle. Examinations that actually require three hands can be performed with two hands.
  • Ready to use when you need it. Up to 4 hours of battery power and a clearly visible remaining time indicator that changes colour as the battery level drops.
  • Large 19-inch LCD multitouch monitor on height-adjustable swivel arm. You can position the monitor so you always have the best view.
  • Four probe connections. For a wide variety of examination possibilities.
  • Intelligent cable management. Four connected and ready to use probes. Well-placed brackets help keep cables away from the ground.
  • You can easily integrate the venue into your  network – by cable or oprtionally via WLAN.

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Venue 50 – For the emergency room and intensive care

The Venue 50 is a perfect ultrasound system for everywhere from hospital to a mobile service. Select your ultrasound application with just two touches on the screen. The seamless control panel contributes to easy disinfection. The intuitive user interface offers easy “gel-and-go” scanning – select your transducer and the desired preset in just one step. Speed is key for the Venue 50 – it only takes a few moments to get the system up and running. No knobs or keyboards will slow you down when you examine the patient or disinfect the system.

  • One touch and go. Select the transducer and desired preset in a single step.
  • Operates like a tablet. Press, wipe or tap your way through the applications, even when wearing gloves.
  • Fast startup. The system starts up while you put on your gloves.
  • Lock for cleaning. Screen lock protects system settings when you quickly wipe the screen. It also protects against unauthorized access.
  • “Gel-and-go” imaging. Sharp images without effort.

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