Versana Premier – Versatile in application

Reliable ultrasound – Intuitive operation.

The Versana Premier ultrasound system can help you with quick and confident assessment across a variety of conditions. Patient after patient. Day after day. A wide variety of probes and clinical applications will help you perform both routine and specialty examinations in the following areas:

Internal medicine    OB/GYN    Cardiac    Urological   Vascular    Musculoskeletal

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Our ultrasound solution to help you with robust diagnostics. Reliable, powerful, affordable and versatile.

Comprehensive service and support

GE delivers flexible, worry-free, multi-year coverage. For peace of mind. It is your assurance of long service life, high uptime, maximum patient volumes and strong profitability:

  • Expert service engineers always close by
  • Simple maintenance; easy troubleshooting and repair
  • InSite™ service technology for fast remote diagnostics and repairs

GE Healthcare – Decades of expertise

Invest in Versana Premier and benefit from decades of GE expertise in ultrasound imaging. Versana Premier has been designed in collaboration with office-based physicians – to comply with both your clinical needs and your demands for operation and connectivity.

Expand your diagnostic skills and always stay ahead

  • Scan Coach: 3D animation, anatomic illustrations and reference images
  • My Trainer: an on-board training module providing support with system setup and operation, ensuring correct examination workflow with
  • Web-based product and clinical tutorials
  • Local face-to-face training and remote application support

Versana Premier: GE imaging technology

Versana Premier delivers outstanding detailed imaging power to boost diagnostic confidence. It helps you simply differentiate between tissues and delineate structure borders. You will benefit from tried and tested functionalities from high-end GE systems.

Versana Essential Ultraschall Carotis mit PW Doppler

CrossXBeam™ and SRI-HD to clearly define structure borders.

Versana Essential Ultraschall Virtuell-konvexe Bildgebung der Schilddrüse

color Doppler optimised to evaluate cardiac, venous

Versana Essential Ultraschall Leber

B-Flow™ – flow imaging without Doppler-immanent artifacts.

Versana Essential Ultraschall Gallenblase

Sensitive color Doppler – to examine thyroid vasculature, among other applications.

Versana Club

The Versana Club is a network of Versana system users from all around the world, dedicated to clinical excellence in ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you will be able to benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

The membership and all Club-related benefits are free of charge.

Your personal benefits

  • Invitations to user congresses
  • Access to a reserved member area (lounge) for congresses
  • Personalised mailings and newsletters
  • Special offers for Club members
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Versana Essential Ultraschall Virtuell-konvexe Bildgebung der Schilddrüse

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